Would you pass out home-made business cards?

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Take a look at my business card…

BAD home-made business card

I made it myself, on my computer. I used off-white, perforated paper. The logo is blurry and cut off on the edge. The font is boring. The phone number is incorrect, so I crossed it out and wrote the correct number.

Sometimes, when I meet a new person networking, I’ll give that person this card. Then I’ll ask, “How do you feel about me as a business professional, based on that card?” He or she is usually too polite to say anything negative, so there might be an awkward pause. I quickly take the card back and say, “This is my real business card.”

B2B Video Solutions business card

Then I explain, “This is what I do with video.” You’d never give out a home-made business card. Consider what you’re saying about your business if you use home-made video.

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Dave Waldman is a video storyteller and owner of Treasured Memories Video and B2B Video Solutions in Bedford, New Hampshire. He can be reached at (603) 566-3075 or [email protected]. His website is davidwaldman.com.

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  1. Louise Gelinas

    Thank you, Dave, for such a grrreat visual of what you do!

    From your local commercial/personal printer, I want to thank you, too, for reminding people that business cards are a direct reflection of the name on the card. Let the professionals make “you” look good whether in video or in print!

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