Video Cameras at a Funeral?!

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Some may think it odd, or even distasteful, to have video cameras present at a memorial service or funeral, but there are some valid reasons for wanting to capture this type of event on video.

A memorial service is a celebration of life. People who rarely get the opportunity to gather together do so to honor a person that they all cared about. Rememberances are shared and stories are told. It is the ultimate tribute to a loved one, one worthy of capturing as a lasting memorial.

Often times, if the deceased is older, his or her contemporaries may not be able to travel to attend. By videotaping the service and posting it online, these people will be able to see and hear what they would otherwise have had to miss.

“I just [watched] the video, and it is more than I hoped for; it is perfect. I’m so grateful that you were able to fit this into your schedule. I know that the people who were unable to attend are going to be so appreciative of the opportunity to hear all that was said about my mom, and I’m sure that family members that were there will find comfort in reviewing it in the future. The service ended up being such a living memorial to her, and I thank you for preserving it in such a beautiful fashion. Your company is well named.” – Joyce in Wentworth, NH

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