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Often times a business owner will tell me that they know they need video, but they’re not really sure why or what to do with it. I like to compare a promotional, or an “About Our Company” video to a brochure.

Creating a video is like having a brochure printed. Once the video is complete, I give you the file; you’ve picked the brochures up from the printer and put them in your car. Your first step would be to post the video on your YouTube channel. Now you’ve brought the brochures into your office and set them on your desk.

You’re going to want to feature the video prominently on your website. This is the equivalent of displaying the brochures in your lobby or reception area. They’re available to the public, but only to those people who visit your company (or website). The brochures are not really working for you until you get them into the hands of prospective customers, and it’s the same with your video. So, how do you do that?

Email – do you have an email database, such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp? Many businesses send out monthly email newsletters, and you can easily insert a link to the video.

Social Media – You should post and promote the video on every social media platform that you use. And share the video in any social media groups you belong to, especially networking groups. Note: While YouTube is a good home base for linking your video in email, blogs, and websites, social media sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, prefer that you upload the video directly on their site. You will get much more exposure than if you simply post a YouTube link.

Blog – If you have a blog, promote the video, just as I am doing here!

Take your video with you – have your video on your laptop or tablet so that you can share it on sales calls.

Trade fairs or expos – If you have a booth at a fair or expo, you can show the video at your booth. Make sure to have captions, since it will be difficult to hear, and it should loop continuously. I can help you with both.

Cable Television – Television advertising has been around as long as television has, and it’s still an effective way to reach a large audience. I can help you craft a video for broadcast.

Video is a great tool for getting your message out. Let us help you do that!


Dave Waldman is a video storyteller and owner of Treasured Memories Video and B2B Video Solutions in Bedford, New Hampshire. He can be reached at (603) 566-3075 or [email protected]. His website is davidwaldman.com.