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If your listing doesn’t sell, you don’t get paid.

Video is a very effective tool to help a property stand out from the pack. It gives you the ability to highlight the features that make a house special and unique. And drones now give us an opportunity to offer views of a property that we never could before.

In just a few minutes, you can give the viewer a sense of “being there”, rivaled only by, well, actually being there.

The right music can do a lot to set a mood, much like home staging or baking cookies at an open house. Movies, television shows, commercials, video games… they all use background music to set the mood that they want the viewer to feel.

Video also offers the opportunity to add narration. A voice narration can add so much more information – information that you may not be able to convey visually.

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Copyright 2019 – David Waldman

Copyright 2019 – David Waldman

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