Live Performances

When you perform, wouldn’t you like the largest audience possible?

Unfortunately, you don’t always have control over the number of people in the room. But there is a way to reach a wider audience. By having your live performances videotaped, you can share your talent with, literally, the world.
Without a video, that amazing performance you just gave is gone forever, and only this audience will ever experience it. But with a video, you’ll be able to reach a much larger audience. A well-crafted demo video will also give you the tool you need to land more gigs.
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We did a series of videos to promote the Peterborough Folk Music Society as part of a community wide project in conjunction with Comcast.


Duty Free Entertainment is a production company that focuses on promoting and organizing quality music concerts, while benefiting local non-profit organizations.

Since 2002, Deb’s House Concerts in Chesham has presented a wide variety of live performances.

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Copyright 2020 – David Waldman

Copyright 2020 – David Waldman