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When was the last time you were able to watch your old home movies?

Technology changes, and what was once state-of-the-art is now obsolete. It’s frustrating, because so many memories are locked away in those old VHS tapes and movie reels. We can help you unlock those memories and allow you to relive them once more.

  • We offer free pick-up and delivery.
  • We do all of the work ourselves. Your media doesn’t leave our possession until it’s returned to you.
  • We guarantee to get the best image possible from your media. If you can find someone who can do it better, we will refund your money.

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"I trusted Dave the minute I saw him! He had good ideas and was very affordable, too. My memories are very important to me and I liked the personal touch of meeting the person that was going to transfer the old family VHS to digital media. It was a big deal. I liked working with a local business, not some big giant company where no one would care. He was more affordable, too! You know you have been meaning to get those VHS tapes and old CD's transferred. DO IT, memories really can last a lifetime when you Treasure your Memories! Dave will preserve your treasures. Thank you Dave!"
Angela K.
"Thank you very much for your home-movie transfer services! You have made my family very happy, and have reminded me just how bad my wardrobe was in the early 1970's. My sister lives in Dallas and doesn't get to come back to New Hampshire very often, but you helped to make her day/week/month/year. She called in tears from laughing so much!"
Steve G.

8mm, Super 8, or 16mm Film … $0.22 per foot (about $3.66 per minute)
3″ reel = 50 feet = about 3 minutes
5″ reel = 200 feet = about 12 minutes
6″ reel = 300 feet = about 18 minutes
7″ reel = 400 feet = about 24 minutes

Videos can be delivered as DVDs or, the preferred method, as video files on a thumb drive (read blog post on DVDs vs. mp4’s). If DVDs are requested, no more than 2 hours of film will be placed on each DVD.

Videotapes … $22 per tape*
Videos can be delivered as DVDs or, the preferred method, as video files on a thumb drive (read blog post on DVDs vs. mp4’s). If DVDs are requested, each tape of 2 hours or less will be transferred to its own DVD. Tapes containing more than 2 hours will be transferred to as many DVDs as necessary, not to exceed 2 hours per DVD. Any tape longer than 2 hours will be broken into separate DVDs, at $22 each.

The above prices do not include any editing or added music.

Additional Copies … $11.00 each

Custom Editing … $100 per hour
Including, but not limited to, video editing, background music, custom DVD menus and chapters, custom DVD label and case graphics, still photos, and narration.

Audio Transfers (cassette tape or record album) … $22 each
Songs will be separated into individual files. Audio can be provided on a CD, either as a playable music CD, or as mp3 files. Mp3 files can also be provided on a thumb drive.

Video or Audio Cassette repair … $26 per cassette

Treasured Memories Video will take every precaution to insure the safety of your tapes and/or film. However, we cannot accept responsibility for any damage due to age. Nor can we accept responsibility for the quality of the images or sound on your tapes or film. Thank you for your understanding.

Preserve your treasured memories today!

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Copyright 2019 – David Waldman

Copyright 2019 – David Waldman

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